PROPHON successfully finished the development of an online portal for processing and exchange of documents required for payout of remuneration for neighbouring rights

The platform launched in early November. All rightholders having indicated they want to communicate with PROPHON electronically and to provide in electronic format facts and circumstances needed for the preparation of the documentation for payout of allocated remuneration, will have access to the facility. You do not need to come over to the office of PROPHON or make an appointment with a member of our team – a few clicks with the mouse will suffice. Thanks to the new portal each rightholder have an account allowing him/her to:

• See how his/her remuneration was made;
• Confirm and sign the relevant payout documents;
• See the date of the transfer;
• Download all documents required for the annual tax return – statements (certificates) of remuneration paid.

The purpose of the platform is to optimise as much as possible the remuneration payout process, thus bringing us closer to international practices of collective management of neighbouring rights in the music industry. The only thing you need to do if you want an account in the online portal is to submit a formal application to the office of PROPHON.