Membership in PROPHON

Our team takes care of the interests of its members as well as of all other artists who perform or invest in music.

We do believe that we can increase the value of music if you are not only supporters of our cause, but members of PROPHON.

Applying for membership

To become a member as performing artist, you should formally apply by bringing the following to the office of PROPHON:

  • Sample application form where you specify the capacity in which you would like to become a member;
  • Membership Agreement signed by you with which we set the territory and the scope of rights you delegate to us to manage on your behalf.
  • You should have released at least one work - audio and/or audio-visual recording.

The applications are reviewed by the Managing Board of PROPHON three times a year, after that which we prepare individual membership agreements for each candidate.

If you qualify both as producer and performing artist, you should choose one capacity for membership with us. Whereafter you can register neighbouring rights in both categories. The reason is that one and the same entity (either natural person or a legal entity) cannot have double membership in the society. It is acceptable though, if you, as a natural person, have a membership, as a natural person in the capacity of performing artist, and as a legal entity – a membership in the capacity of a producer.