Public Performance



Did you know that music makes consumers stay longer?

Music is the language of emotions and an instrument that can be used to build emotional bonds with consumers. Music defines the image of a brand and promotes consumer loyalty. According to an international survey, a business employing music that matches the identity of the brand is 96% more likely to be remembered than a business with music that is a poor fit or a business with no music altogether.

Use of music works at hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, fitness clubs, and other business establishments constitutes public performance for which remuneration is due to performing artists and producers.

As your partner, we take care to grant you the necessary authorisation for use of music at your venues, and also that the amounts you pay get to the performing artists and producers. We are here to help you obtain a licence for the largest music catalogue containing recordings from the Bulgarian and international repertoire, in the fastest and easiest way possible, regardless of whether you will be having the music for your establishment from the radio, TV, internet platform or another information carrier.

The only thing you need to do is select the music that best fits your brand.

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License Verification

The QR code allows real-time validation of the licenses. Each client will receive anelectronic certificate by e-mail on the address provided in the contract.



You have music playing in the lobby bar and you have TV sets in the rooms? You are not aware what arrangements you need vis-à-vis rights to have unlimited access to international and Bulgarian hits? We are here to assist you!


Restaurants, bars, cafés

You have such a place with international and Bulgarian hits played? We represent the largest music catalogue in Bulgaria. We will help you buy the licence so that your clients enjoy their favourite music.


Retail venues

The appropriate background music creates atmosphere in your shop and encourages clients to buy more. Have the rights settled with us, and your customers will have the opportunity to enjoy tracks from the largest music catalogue in Bulgaria.


Service centres

Researches show that music promotes a sense of harmony, helps the listeners to relax and get motivated. If you run a spa centre, fitness club, dance studio or any other service centre, you will surely find the music that best matches your business from the great variety we can offer.



Music can do miracles with the tense atmosphere of a crowded bus and make the taxi ride trapped in traffic a treat instead. A favourite hit out of the vast catalogue of PROPHON will never fail to bring down stress and make a trip more enjoyable for your clients! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to obtain a licence for use of music in public transportation.


Sports halls

Come to us to make sure that all rights for the use of music for your sports event are properly arranged. On signing an agreement with PROPHON, you get the freedom to use the music that would promote motivation and good mood for the athletes and your visitors.


Open spaces

You manage trade exhibitions, fairs, sales and other large-scale public events? We give you the opportunity to use music from the largest music catalogue in Bulgaria. Have your rights licenced by  PROPHON, and you will experience the difference music makes.


One-time events

No event, be it a reception, conference, seminar, ball, or fashion show, can go without music. Do not hesitate to call us for assistance for the arrangement of music use rights! We are offering the largest catalogue of music works in Bulgaria for creating the unique atmosphere of your event.


Health establishments

There is ample research indicating that music plays an important role in healing. It has therapeutic properties, soothes tension, and gives a beneficial distraction to patients staying in hospital. Scientists believe that music can even relieve pain which makes it one of the most natural healing methods.



If you are a DJ making covers and remixes and then performing them in public or you provide music and sound services for different events such as parties, cocktails, or private gatherings, you need a licence to use music works. The licence of PROPHON allows public use of music works from a virtually unlimited international and national repertoire. Make your parties unforgettable, quickly and easily with PROPHON, because music makes a difference.



Music is an integral part of a theatrical performance. If you use sound recordings while performing stage theatrical performances, you need a public performance license. The contract with PROPHON gives you the opportunity to have unlimited access to international and Bulgarian hits.



The contract with PROPHON guarantees that you can play music in your cinema and enjoy its benefits, while ensuring that its creators are justly rewarded for their work.