For telecom operators



According to official data nearly 2 million people in Bulgaria are subscribers of TV providers. Music is an integral part of radio and TV, adding value to their programmes. Therefore it is essential that operators doing retransmission of radio and television content via cable, satellite, IPTV, etc. sign contracts for secondary use of content.

How can you get Licencing Agreement?

You should send an email to  containing the following details:

  • Legal entity;
  • Registered address of the legal entity;
  • Corporate identification number;
  • Contact person for correspondence: name, email, address, telephone;
  • Declaration of the number of subscribers and the number of retransmission programs.

Licensing for such use is provided only by Societies for Collective Management of Neighbouring Rights in Music. We are the only licensing company that can do this for you.

Did you know that …

Around 80% of households in Bulgaria are users of subscription TV services.