Music is an essential part of radio and TV. It is a powerful instrument any media can use to build brand loyalty and bond with the audience. In television it is sound that defines programmes indicating clearly their content and riveting viewers to the screen. Appropriate selection of hits can win over fans and set the beat of every moment during the day.

If a mediа is to legally broadcast music on air or online, it needs a licence from PROPHON. By signing a contract with us the media duly valorise the work of artists and motivate them to make new and even more inspiring projects.

The requirement for licencing the music used in the media comes from the law and is designed to build a civilised environment for the development of Bulgarian creative artists. By obtaining such a licence from us you join the ranks of those who support the cause of promoting the value of music that is not just a hobby, but livelihood for a vast number of people.

Due remuneration is calculated on the basis of the tariffs of the society and the relevant discounts therein. Authorised broadcasting of sound recordings in electronic or online media depends on the percentage share of the music used in their airtime and the territorial coverage.


Radio stations

The image of a radio station is determined by the music it plays on air. Regardless of whether it is pop, rock, jazz, R'n'B, or any other genre, it is the music that gives the identity of the radio and is a distinctive feature thereof.



Music plays an important role in TV shows highlighting their atmosphere, character and content. At times music can be the centrepiece of a TV programme.



Webcasting is broadcasting of a video and/or audio via internet simultaneously to a large number of listeners/viewers. According to a 2018 survey of the National Statistical Institute, 72% of households in Bulgaria had internet connection. More than half of respondents aged 16-74 used internet primarily to listen to music and to watch videos and TV.



Telecom operators

According to official data nearly 2 million people in Bulgaria are subscribers of TV providers. Music is an integral part of radio and TV, adding value to their programmes. Therefore it is essential that operators doing retransmission of radio and television content via cable, satellite, IPTV, etc. sign contracts for secondary use of content.