Music can do miracles with the tense atmosphere of a crowded bus and make the taxi ride trapped in traffic a treat instead. A favourite hit out of the vast catalogue of PROPHON will never fail to bring down stress and make a trip more enjoyable for your clients! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to obtain a licence for use of music in public transportation.

How to get a Licencing Agreement?

You should send an email to containing the following details:

  • Legal entity;
  • Registered address of legal entity;
  • Corporate identification number;
  • Financially liable person;
  • Contact person: name, email, address, telephone;
  • Data on vehicles: type and number of vehicles.


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Did you know that…

There is scientific proof that music alleviates stress, improves attention and concentration, the sense of rhythm, and psychomotor abilities. Just as the human body needs food, so too human brain needs music to chill out and properly cope with emotions.


The Ministry of Culture also helps owners of businesses where music sounds - see the Ministry's brief information material here.