We believe that music helps business to create emotional context for consumers of various types of services. Music not only sells; it changes, forms desires and inspires.

We are a society for collective management of neighbouring rights in music and for 20 years now have sustained productive partnership between performing artists and producers and all business users of their recordings. Our team administers the rights of works from the Bulgarian and international repertoire. This means that in order to have legal access to all hits the clients of your club, café, or hotel would like to listen to, you must have an agreement signed with PROPHON.

As member of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and of the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights (SCAPR), PROPHON has access to the best practices in music licencing globally. In addition to our mission of promoting decent and adequate valorisation of the work of Bulgarian performers and producers, PROPHON has mutual representation agreements with similar organisations from around the world. Or, if a Bulgarian song is played by British media or if a local artist takes part in festival in the United Kingdom, the artist will receive remuneration from us for the respective rotation or public performance of music.

PROPHON is co-founder and member of Copy-BG, a non-profit organisation incorporated under Art. 1 and ff. of the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act registered as an organisation for collective management of rights within the meaning of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act (CNRA) in conjunction with Art. 26 par. 8 thereof. Annual report of COPY-BG for 2017.



Our mission is to protect and promote the value of the rights of music producers and performers, to ensure maximum return of their creative efforts, and to comply with high technological standards for accuracy, transparency and efficiency. We believe that music helps business create emotional context for consumers of various types of services. Music not only sells; it changes, shapes desires and perceptions, and inspires too.


The main activities through which PROPHON upholds its cause to turn the local music market into a civilised territory and making and producing of phonograms – inspiring work valued by the public, are:

  • Music licensing;
  • Collection of remuneration;
  • Distribution of remuneration;
  • Payout of due amounts to rightholders.

Types of Use

Under the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, PROPHON signs agreements for the following major types of use of music:

  • Public performance: playing of music in public venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, shops, shopping centres, cabs, etc.
  • Media: radio and television broadcasting; broadcasting of music on the internet (webcasting); audio-visual media services on demand.
  • Retransmission: via cable, satellite, IPTV, etc.