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Come to us to make sure that all rights for the use of music for your sports event are properly arranged. On signing an agreement with PROPHON, you get the freedom to use the music that would promote motivation and good mood for the athletes and your visitors.

How to get a Licencing Agreement?

You should send an email to containing the following details:

  • Legal entity;
  • Registered address of legal entity;
  • Corporate identification number;
  • Financially liable person;
  • Contact person: name, email, address, telephone;
  • Completed Declaration with number of subscribers and number of programmes retransmitted.


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Did you know that…

Listening to music tends to make our conscious mind focus less on the fact that physical exercise causes discomfort and requires efforts. Music reduces the perception of effort. It is also proven that music can alter the heart pace, blood pressure, and breathing.


The Ministry of Culture also helps owners of businesses where music sounds - see the Ministry's brief information material here.