One-time events



No event, be it a reception, conference, seminar, ball, or fashion show, can go without music. Do not hesitate to call us for assistance for the arrangement of music use rights! We are offering the largest catalogue of music works in Bulgaria for creating the unique atmosphere of your event.

How to get a Licensing Agreement?

You should send an email to containing the following details:

  • Legal entity;
  • Registered address of legal entity;
  • Corporate identification number;
  • Financially liable person;
  • Contact person: name, email, address, telephone;
  • Completed Declaration with number of subscribers and number of programmes retransmitted.
  • Details of the event: Name, address, dates and number of days.


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Did you know that…

The tingling on the skin we get while listening to pleasurable music is caused by the dopamine released by the brain, oftentimes in the most intense and powerful part of the piece. Dopamine is one of the ‘hormones of happiness’, and its release is in direct correlation with motivation and pleasure; it boosts attention and can even make us more confident.


The Ministry of Culture also helps owners of businesses where music sounds - see the Ministry's brief information material here.