ISRC code

ISRC is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely marks each audio or video recording based on who produced it. It accompanies the recordings in the various chains of their realization - from the broadcasting, through the distribution of revenues collected by the collective management companies, to the life of the recordings in the digital streaming platforms, where no content can be uploaded and monetized without the ISRC code being available.

How to get your own ISRC code?

In order to facilitate the whole process of creating a modern and adequate database of Bulgarian music, the Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP) received from the International Recording Industry Federation (IFPI) the status of National Registration Agency of the ISRC. This is an opportunity for you as Bulgarian producers, in case you do not have your own ISRC code, to register your personal one quickly, easily and completely free of charge with the assistance of BAMP!
In order to receive your unique production code, it is necessary to fill in a registration form (respectively as a legal entity, if you have a production company or as an individual, if you have such quality and you have financed and organized the creation of a record). The registration form is available on the BAMP website.
Detailed information about the structure and role of the ISRC, the importance of the various components of the code and answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic are available in Bulgarian on the BAMP website, in the drop-down menu of the ISRC section.

I don't have my own ISRC code, and my content is present on digital platforms, how come?

I don't have my own ISRC code, and my content is present on digital platforms, how come?
In the event that some or all of your previous recordings have already been uploaded to digital platforms with the assistance of digital music content distributors, this means that you have received operational ISRC from them to enable your recordings to be distributed digitally. It is best for these records to keep their existing codes unchanged. The ISRC is like the PIN of the record and once set does not need to be changed.

From now on

With your personal producer code, you can generate codes only for those of your recordings that do not yet have ISRC, as well as for audio and music videos produced from now on.
ISRC allows more efficient management of your recorded repertoire, optimizing incl. and the collective management of producer rights, because it guarantees accuracy in the identification of your repertoire and gives a full guarantee that the collected remuneration from the various forms of use, subject to collective management, will be directed and paid to the real owner of the rights to the used record. If it has ISRC codes of all submitted records, PROPFON will further optimize the terms of distribution and processing of reports by users.