Rightholder’s Guide

In the Rightholder’s Guide our team selects some frequently asked questions regarding collective rights management in the music industry. What do you need to know? What is the most efficient way to protect your rights? How to profit more from the music you invest in? Here you can find the answer to all those questions!


How does PROPHON allocate remunerations?

In this section we will briefly explain the main processes in the distribution we do.


Synchronisation Licence and Subsequent Use Licence – what are the differences?

You may be asking how Synchronisation Rights and Subsequent  Use Rights differ. And what would their significance be in the context of the protected repertoire used for a promotional video?


How to have your rights protected if you are a producer or performer of the music in the advertisement spot?

You are a producer or performer of music for advertisements or TV shows but you are not sure when and how often your repertoire was used and if this was properly reported?