BMAT is a Spanish monitoring company that currently has contracts with more than 100 societies for collective management of neighbouring rights and copyright alike globally.
We have been using the services of BMAT since 2015 to monitor music airplay of more than 60 TV and radio programs with national coverage . With the help of the information from the Spanish company, we make charts of the music repertoire used and monitor the accuracy of reports provided by users.

  • You get personal profile for quick and easy uploading of your repertoire;
  • Technology of the future that identifies repertoires from a global database;
  • Up to 99.99% repertoire recognition rate from radio and TV broadcasting;
  • Accuracy verification of the media reports.

BMAT tracks and reports the music played on the TV, radio stations and in public venues worldwide. Thanks to the modern technology the resource can pinpoint when and where a track was aired, to provide metadata and information on rightholders for each song. The objective is to act as a neutral source of data accessible for each party involved in the value cycle – performing artists, producers, authors, publishers, etc.

The system is able to identify:

  • 72+ million audio fingerprints from commercial establishments, music for production and commissioned music, by means of direct partnerships with more than 120,000 content owners;
  • 95+% ISRC coverage and more than 80+% ISWC coverage – long-time partners of IFPI and CISAC;
  • 24/7 tracking of 5,000 radio stations and 1,500 TV channels in 134 countries and more than 1,000 clubs on five continents.

BMAT has been a longstanding partner of:

  • The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry - IFPI
  • The Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights – SCAPR
  • Major record labels, music publishers, digital content distributors, etc.


Vericast is the BMAT music identification service that is fully oriented towards the needs and requirements of the collecting societies.
It provides repertoire recognition rate of 99.99% in regular conditions and 90% in noisy environment. In order you as members to have this recognition rate you need to put your recordings in the BMAT system.
The Vericast service provides monitoring of music in movies, advertising spots, background music, and other formats in which music is mixed with speech.


The technology

The fingerprint technology used by BMAT is 100% proprietary, designed and developed by the company in 2005 and upgraded ever since.

The technology is based on extraction of a unique code that marks an audio file and allows comparing it against a database of millions of phonograms as reference.

The audio is divided into parts; then information is extracted from each part and is encoded into ‘hashes’. The fingerprint is a combination of hashes in a sequence.

Advantages of the fingerprint technology

  • Speed;
  • Reference against millions of songs;
  • Identification accuracy.