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You manage trade exhibitions, fairs, sales and other large-scale public events? We give you the opportunity to use music from the largest music catalogue in Bulgaria. Have your rights licenced by  PROPHON, and you will experience the difference music makes.

How to get a Licencing Agreement?

You should send an email to containing the following details:

  • Legal entity;
  • Registered address of legal entity;
  • Corporate identification number;
  • Financially liable person;
  • Contact person: name, email, address, telephone;
  • Completed Declaration with number of subscribers and number of programmes retransmitted.


You can use MusicPro electronic system for application and calculation

Login to electronic request system

Did you know that…

Using the right type of music for an event helps achieve best possible results and drives up profit. Therefore extensive research is done on the effects of music on human behavior and response to music in specific settings. Different types of music as background can make us brisk up, stay longer, and can even alter our sense of time while waiting in the line.


The Ministry of Culture also helps owners of businesses where music sounds - see the Ministry's brief information material here.