For performing artists



If you are a performing artist and your performance is included in a music recording aired on the radio, TV or played at a public venue (café, restaurant, hotel, etc.), you are entitled to receive fair remuneration.

Your performance means income.

Music is an integral part of our lives and a crucial factor for the success of many businesses, shops, restaurants, cafés, radio and TV stations.

Register your repertoire in the PROPHON database and the BMAT monitoring agency

Registration of repertoire

Registering your repertoire is of utmost importance for tracking its use thereof and for ensuring fair and timely distribution of the royalties it generates. The repertoire registered in our database is sent to international databases and, quickly becomes recognisable beyond the territory of our country.

You can register your repertoire through myProphon app or, by filling in the registration form and sending it to the office of PROPHON (

More information about the registration in MyProphon and BMAT databases is available HERE.


Membership in PROPHON

Our team takes care of the interests of its members as well as of all other artists who perform or invest in music.

We highly esteem your voice and vision regarding projects that would help us develop a more civilised licencing market. We do believe that we can increase the value of music if you are not only supporters of our cause, but members of PROPHON.


How to receive remuneration from PROPHON

PROPHON represents and protects the rights both of its members (direct or via international bilateral agreements) and of all other rightholders non-members of our society who are performing artists or producers of audio recordings and music video production.


PROPHON abroad

Music knows no borders. Bulgarian hits transcend the frontiers of our country, and their performers and producers can benefit from this only if we at PROPHON take care of their rights.