MyProphon app allows you to register your repertoire yourself and to update the already registered one.

If you already have an account in myProphon, log in with your username and password from the form at of at the previous page.


How to create an account in myProphon?

To use our online system for access to information, first you should visit personally the office of PROPHON and get username and а password. After that, you will be able to use myProphon whenever and wherever you like.

This requirement is solely for security reasons to properly protect your personal data or any other sensitive information. This way both you and PROPHON will have assurance that the access is granted to the right person.

Face-to-face contact upon initial registration when providing online services is a standard practice for many bank institutions, utilities , telecoms and many other companies.


The BMAT tool allows you to upload an audio file of a song for identification purposes during monitoring and for recognition by various users – radio and TV stations.

You have access to all your recordings uploaded in BMAT for identification.

For repertoire registration in VERICAST platform of BMAT please contact our Distribution Department by email: 

Please note that MyProphon and BMAT are two entirely separate systems and databases which contain different information. In MyProphon there are details about the recording itself such as song title, performer, duration, etc. In BMAT an audio file of a musical work is uploaded, which allows the system to recognize these recordings when used on radios, and TV stations, or elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to have registrations in both databases.