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If you are a performing artist or producer, you have the right to receive a fair and equitable remuneration for your work.

At PROPHON, as a collective rights management organization, we represent and protect the interests of all performing artists and producers of audio recordings and music video – our members (direct or represented by international bilateral agreements with similar organisations/sister societies) and of other rightholders.

Registering your repertoire is of utmost importance for tracking its use and ensuring fair and timely distribution of the royalties it generates. The repertoire registered in our database is sent to the international databases and, quickly becomes recognisable beyond the territory of our country.

You can register your repertoire through myProphon app or, by filling the registration form and sending it to the office of PROPHON.

If you do not have an account at myProphon yet, please contact us on the following email: razpredelenie@prophon.org 

Register your repertoire in the PROPHON database and the BMAT monitoring agency


For performing artists

If you are a performing artist and your performance is included in a music recording which is aired on radio, or TV stations or is played at a public venue (café, restaurant, hotel, etc.), you are entitled to receive fair remuneration.


For producers

If you are a producer and you have released a music recording that is played on radio, TV or at public venues (cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc.), you are entitled to receive remuneration.



Monitoring in favor of our members:

  • You get personal profile for quick and easy uploading of your repertoire;
  • Technology of the future that identifies repertoires from a global database;
  • Up to 99.99% repertoire recognition rate from radio and TV broadcasting;
  • Accuracy verification of the media reports.

ISRC code

ISRC is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely marks each audio or video recording based on who produced it. It accompanies the recordings in the various chains of their realization - from the broadcasting, through the distribution of revenues collected by the collective management companies, to the life of the recordings in the digital streaming platforms, where no content can be uploaded and monetized without the ISRC code being available.


Rightholder’s guide

In the Rightholder’s Guide our team selects some frequently asked questions regarding collective rights management in the music industry. What do you need to know? What is the most efficient way to protect your rights? How to profit more from the music you invest in? Here you can find the answer to all those questions!