How to receive remuneration from PROPHON



PROPHON represents and protects the rights both of its members (direct or via international bilateral agreements) and of all other rightholders non-members of our society who are performing artists or producers of audio recordings and music video production.

For receiving your remuneration, the following is required:

  • Your phonograms or audio-visual musi recordings should have been used in TV or radio show broadcasts or at public venues (cafés, bars, restaurants, shops or else/ etc.);
  • Your phonograms should have been reported by a user (radio, TV, café, restaurant, hotel, etc.) that has an agreement with us;
  • You should register your phonograms in our myProphon platform. The minimum details required to register certain recording are:song title, performer, producer, duration, and release date.

The more accurate and detailed information on all artists involved in the performance of a song you provide, the easier your repertoire will be identified when used in media, via cable or satellite [transmission] as well as in public places (at cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc.). МyProphon contains data on millions of tracks, including place of fixation, relevant rightholders, and recording entity.

Of utmost importance is to each registration is to provide a full list of artists involved in the record (e.g. if you were/participated as a back vocalist or a studio musician during the recording of the track), which guarantees that they will receive their due remuneration as well. It is the producer who is primarily responsible for this, yet you, as a performing artist, can do the registration too and demand that to be included in the list of the artists in the track.