Popular Artists Greet PROPHON with a Song in ‘IzPlay Christmas’

03 December '18

Where is the crossing point between hip-hop and the much-loved classical children’s Christmas song ‘In Red Boots Here Comes Santa’. How does Christmas fit in the most popular hits of P.I.F. and Ostava? These are some of the questions that PROPHON will give answers to with its campaign ‘IzPlay Christmas’ in December (the name of the campaign in Bulgarian – ‘IzPlay Koleda’is a play on words: ‘play’ and the Bulgarian for ‘sing out’ ). The campaign involves popular artists who recorded video greetings with a fragment of a Christmas evergreen such as ‘Jingle Bells’. The objective of the collecting society of neighbouring rights is to demonstrate how Music makes the difference in the perception of a holiday regardless of the modality of performance – just voice or acoustic instrument.


The videos are made in the spirit of creative improvisation, featuring the artists with no makeup and stage posture, in a cosy and comforting setting.


Artists from a big variety of genres who are members of PROPHON joined talent and inspiration to make ‘IzPlay Christmas’ happen. ‘Monte Music’ made a contribution with the amazing performances of Denitza Karaslavova, Rafael Pashamov, and Iskren Tonchev - Iskrata. Thanks to ‘Ara Music’, a host of stars of folklore music (Denia Pencheva and Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi, granddaughters of the great folklore singer Guna Ivanova), will put the hat of pop music singers and will demonstrate the versatility of their talent for the first time for a broader audience. Fans of PROPHON on Facebook are in for a thematic Christmas free-style lesson by Yavor Dimitrov Yanakiev a.k.a. 100 Kila, the band Jeremy?, the angel-voiced Nelly Rangelova and exceptional musicians such as the guitarist Vasil Krumov (Vladimir Ampov a.k.a. Grafa, Mihaela Fileva) and Dani Milev.


‘IzPlay Christmas’ campaign will be on all communication channels of PROPHON in the social media, and videos will be premiered every working day on the Facebook page of PROPHON. ‘IzPlay Christmas’ will be launched today with the charming LaTiDa with a rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ based on a Sinatra’s cover. Betti, Yana, and Dessi  recorded the video especially for PROPHON in the backstage of the National Palace of Culture just minutes before Grafa’s second concert in the biggest hall there .


‘IzPlay Christmas’ videos can be first viewed HERE.