PROPHON abroad

Music knows no borders. Bulgarian hits transcend the frontiers of our country, and their performers and producers can benefit from this only if we at PROPHON take care of their rights.

PROPHON operates abroad

The legislation in most of the countries is similar to that in Bulgaria. This means that if your song gets played by a radio station in Poland, or your audio signal is used in an advertisement, you are entitled to receive remuneration. PROPHON has mutual representation agreements with international organisations from around the world, and this works in full benefit of your revenues. You need to do two things to make this happen: to sign up with MyProphon and to grant us global mandate to represent you abroad.

How do we collect remuneration from abroad?

If your music is played outside Bulgaria, do not forget to register your repertoire with us. The sooner you enter detailed information on the full line-up of artists involved in your track, the quicker you will get your remuneration from abroad.


You can see our agreements with international collective management organisations here.