PROPHON presented the Theatres tariff to a number of Bulgarian cultural institutions

20 October '21

On October 14, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, an online seminar was held on the topic of dealing with copyright and neighboring rights in the performing arts. Among the topics discussed were those on copyright in dramaturgy, the Bulgarian music business, as well as licensing with collective management organizations. The participants were most of the state cultural institutions, among which mainly theatres and opera houses. And the panelists - the Ministry, Musicautor, and PROPHON.

The first part of the seminar discussed the issue of literature copyright stage works, the relevant legal framework, and practical issues. The event continued with the topics of the music business in our country, especially in its part related to synchronization and public performance in the performing arts. In conclusion, the two collective societies presented their tariffs for public performance. Here came the main role of PROPHON, where the executive director of the company - Sophia Shtereva - explained the Theatres tariff. At the end of each panel, participants and panelists engaged in Q&A.

You can find the presentation that contains clearly explained information about the Theatres tariff on the PROPHON website -> Public performance -> Theaters or here.